After brewing at home for more than 20 years, I realized brewing just needed to be a way of life for me. My extensive brewing experience at home, the awards I had received over the years, the beers I designed for other breweries, and my obsession for fermenting anything I could, caught up with me.

I always wanted to make beer, just needed to find a way to make a modest living out of it. At first I was obsessed with hops and everything they could bring to beer but, after a stint in the wine industry, I began working with barrels, blending, and became utterly fascinated with the scientific realm of things. All of this experience transferred into my brewing.  Once I fully realized the possibilities and complexities of what could be achieved with wild yeast and barrel aging, as well as my fondness for hops, I started writing the business plan.

When Shady Oak first began, our roots were in the realm of wild, barrel-aged beer. As our business has grown and evolved, there is now room to have some fun with hops and more approachable beer as well.

Our new taproom has finally opened in a quiet corner of downtown Santa Rosa. We serve both super fresh modern IPAs and other takes on hops, as well as barrel aged wild, funky, and sour beer, in our warehouse and beer garden right along the Santa Rosa creek. 420 First St. in Santa Rosa, CA.


Steve Doty